And it’s about love you know? No one is ever untouchable from love; every single person is vulnerable no matter how much you think you can stay away from it; it finds you. The time destined is just different for everyone to fall in love and you know the saddest part? Most of the whiles and for most of the people it’s just the wrong time when they fall or walk into love. How dangerous it is to finally have someone worth losing but then again, people come and go; some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires. Cause you never think that the last time will be the last time, you think you have more. You have forever; but you don’t. But then again it’s worth it you know? Being loved and loving him. True, it does leave you broke in the end probably leaving you crying on your bathroom floor at 3 am; but the experience of love is worth it. It’s a world of 7 billion and you really think your soulmate lives down the street? No darling love is hard, it’s really hard but one thing is sure; it’s worth it. And one day you will find someone who is truly meant for you, who will love the messy, dark and scary sides of you and still choose to stay but until then just hold on. Love will find you and I assure you that it will be WORTH IT.


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