Answers within yourself.

Coincidence?  All crap. You know if people come into your life they are meant to serve some purpose. Maybe to make you feel more alive, maybe to teach you how to live better or maybe just as a lesson. They are meant to cross your path for a reason. Always. They maybe anyone, your temporary roommate, your teacher, your neighbor, a friend of yours, your first love, you might never know but one thing’s for sure, they are there to impact your life in a profound way. And when they have finished serving their purpose they move out of your life; Silently, without you even realizing. And you keep on trying to find all the answers in them. Thinking that your life has ended there is not going to lead you anywhere. They might be a chapter but they can never be whole of the book. Moreover you have to let go the past to get a hold of the present. You have blocked the gates of your mind for temporary people. When you let all the negativity escape your mind there is a vacuum created over there. There are gates which are opened, and that is when god enters your mind, that is how he finds a way to create more ways for you to live better. You will find all yours answers within yourself the day you allow yourself to close the gates for negativity and open the gates for divinity.


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