The First Heartbreak

She was afraid to fall in love…… She was afraid to let anyone read her soul inside out. Silly girl, she was perhaps not afraid to fall in love but afraid not to be loved back. She was afraid that someone won’t give her his heart as much as she gave hers.
But then came he and everything changed in an instant. Probably she didn’t even get to know how she was hypnotized…… She was hypnotized, sleep walking to the rhythm of his words…. Never wishing to wake. I think you never fall in love; rather you just walk into it….Apparently, with the wrong person.
Lost in the fine line of imagination and reality, wandering around trying to find her way….But she used to get lost no matter what path she took. Or maybe she never got lost in him, she fucking drowned.
Sadly, she gave him every piece of her heart until she was drained…. Not left with anything inside her. And then guess what? HE LEFT….”You are probably not the one, or it was never meant to be” he said and left. Easy, isn’t it? Taking away someone’s heart, squashing it and throwing it away.
He left her at the edge of a cliff, he was supposed to fall with her, they were supposed to fall together. But when it was time for them to fall, she took a step closer to the edge, ready and he took a step back, unsure and confused.
He left her at the edge falling alone, falling for him alone,
Falling in love with something that WASN’T falling in love with HER.


The Wanderer

What is she like?
I was told-
She is a
melancholy soul.
She is like
The sun to night;
a momentary gold.
A star when dimmed
by dawning light;
the flicker of
a candle blown.
A lonely kite
lost in flight-
someone once
had flown…..


And did she survive? Perhaps I don’t need to answer that question….. Yes she did and she did it beautifully. Oh lord so beautifully. She did it with grace, with so much of grace that the one trying to break her was driven to the verge of imbecility. She smiled to every heartache, laughed at every pain and learned to love life more than she loved the guy who broke her…..She had walked over glass and through fire yet SURVIVED.

Honestly, I am not interested in people who haven’t lived and died a few times. Who haven’t had their heart ripped off yet and who don’t  know how it feels to lose everything……

She was beyond beautiful, but you won’t realize it at first. You’d notice the scars and the brokenness, the shades of chaos in her eyes and the hint of madness in her smile.

You would see all these things and then see how she carried all this with an elegance that would make the angels jealous….Then, you would never get enough of HER.

He destroyed her in the most amazing way and when he left…..She understood why storms are named after people.

But guess what? Yet she SURVIVED.